Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The "Gub-ment" and Other Stuff

Quick weight-loss update: I'm at 35 pounds, which may not seem great since the last update, but which is pretty great considering I sort of kind of threw caution to the wind partially over my birthday.  I'm down more than I was earlier in the month, so I'm thrilled with it.  We're now in the last full week of our weight loss challenge at work, so I'm back to the diet full-on in an attempt to drop a few more pounds which will hopefully be the difference over the current leader.  What can I say?  I love a competition.

I had a unique experience last week to testify in front of the Washington House Finance Committee in opposition to a bill that would have some serious consequences for the direct sales industry, which is the industry in which I work as a corporate attorney.  I was able to meet up and testify with our industry trade group lobbyist, as well as a local retailers' lobbyist, so it was quite an experience.  We were only given two minutes for each of our statements, so there's not a whole lot you can say in that time.  I followed the other two guys, so it was our "strategy" to just have me get down real specific to the impacts that such a bill would have on our state, since we're based here.  You can check out the link here, which is edited down to just my appearance, so it's not too long.  I put on Facebook that the camera apparently adds 200 pounds and thins your hair, since I still look pretty big on the video.  But, it's better than I looked eight or so weeks ago, so I'll take it.  I just didn't want my old friends from Pennsylvania to be astounded at the change since I was in high school.  But, that was a LONG time ago.  I shouldn't feel too bad.

Other than that, not much to add, except for the aforesaid birthday which took place last week.  I was really bummed at not getting my whole three-day Presidents' Day/birthday weekend since I had to testify on Presidents' Day (apparently not a state holiday in Washington??), but still had a nice time, as Laura took me to Red Lobster (the in-laws sent along a gift certificate to help) and Best Buy (gift certificate from my parents) and then gave me a couple of Lego sets I really wanted to help fill out my city block.  Yes, I enjoy Lego sets, but just the complex ones.  The city block buildings are pretty cool...I love just building them from the ground up and watching the details emerge.  I've almost got the most recent building I've started done, so I plan on taking some pictures just for the heck of it soon.  It's a pretty impressive sight with all the buildings connected together (which they're designed to do).  I spent yesterday as a make-up day for Presidents' Day just building Legos and catching up on sleep, so it was a refreshing start to the week.

We did put on a Pinewood Derby on Saturday for our Cub Scout Packs (we're over three combined units, with a count of 42 kids right now).  It was a big production, requiring lots of track transport, set-up, and time, so I'm glad it went off well.  I'll put some pictures down below, which also include some of Kyle, who somehow smoked his entire den and didn't lose a single race on his way to the den championship.  I have no idea what we did with the car that made it faster than the others, but needless to say Kyle had a great time and enjoyed winning a cool ribbon and pocketknife.  Pretty nice feeling for a dad, too, who doesn't have much skill in that arena.  We'll take it!!

 Kyle's car mid-race.  The light blue blur.
 Kyle during the races. This look says, "Hmm...we might actually do well!!"
 The Three Amigos watching the races (center).


At February 26, 2013 at 1:47 PM , Blogger Brea Didenhover said...

Loved seeing my bro-in-law in front of the camera, very poised and succinct! And good work on the Pine Wood Derby! I bet Kyle had a blast!!

At February 28, 2013 at 9:22 PM , Blogger Marcie Francis said...

I watched a little of the discussion in the Finance Committee meeting a little beyond your part, and it was kind of interesting. I'm on pins & needles to know how HB 1440 turned out. And I know all of your devoted readers are excited to see your completed Lego block. Congrats to Kyle on his Pinewood Derby victory!


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