Friday, June 1, 2012

Fat guy in a little coat... (and other happy reflections)

The wife and I had a wonderful weekend over Memorial in-laws came over to watch our kids for two nights while Laura and I went up to Victoria, BC, for our first-ever overnight trip without any of our children since Kyle was born.  Yeah, it was pretty sweet.  We had a great time taking the ferry over to Vancouver Island, taking a horse-drawn carriage around downtown, seeing Butchart Gardens, and even stopping by a real-life Portuguese cafe before heading home.

So, why aren't there any pictures on this post?

Well, I'm starting to feel larger-than-life.  They took a picture of us in the carriage as a nice gesture, and when I looked at it on our camera later, I got a little physically ill.  I'm a big, big dude now.  I started putting on a lot of weight last fall around volleyball season, as I was officiating games for the second year, and just couldn't shake the nervousness and dread I was feeling.  So, I medicated with food.  My favorite kind of medication, actually.  During all that, work at my previous company was going all sorts of crazy, and I started the process of interviewing up here.  So, much more stress which required more of my favorite pharmaceuticals (i.e., food...again).

While I'm thrilled with my job, and never been happier, the stress of moving to a new place, starting a new job, and worrying about whether I'm doing a good enough job for my new employer combined with the additional responsibility I now carry as sole in-house counsel and a member of the executive team have all been exciting yet very, very bad for my physique.  Combined with the kidney stone surgeries I needed in October and again in March, and I am just not physically a specimen anymore.  (ahem)

I always told myself I'd never, ever let myself get over 300 pounds.  That was a long time ago now.  I don't even know what the heck I weigh right now, since there aren't many scales that go up that high.  Coupled with the fact that plane seats were already almost unbearable and I've got another trip by air coming up in three weeks means that I've got to do something NOW.  Plus, I work for a wellness company, but I don't really look the part.  That could make me look a little less than engaged with the company mission, which also worries me, as I've got the greatest job I've ever had before and I want to keep it a long, long time.  (Not that I'd probably ever get fired for my weight, but I will lose credibility with our field associates, for sure.)

So, I started out a couple of days ago reducing my calorie intake.  I ate less than 1,000 calories that day, but got momentarily sidetracked yesterday when there was an impromptu celebration for some of my team members for achieving a very hard-earned milestone involving donuts, which are a personal weakness of mine.  I tried to be relatively good for the rest of the day, and today so far, I've stuck to a grilled chicken salad with minimal vinaigrette dressing and a grilled chicken sandwich that I actually asked BK to hold the mayo on.

However, I full well know that cutting back on calories by itself won't work.  So, I actually tried running yesterday, using a running plan laid out in a book on running for weight loss.  The first week, you're supposed to be able to run for one minute and then walk two minutes, and do that cycle 8 times for three times a week.  Well, I made it into the seventh running cycle yesterday, where I had to quit because of shin splints (I oversupinate, which is part of the problem, I guess).  But in that whole 24 minutes, I actually covered a mile and a half, which surprised even me.  I've done 5K's before, but that was a long, long, long time ago and this is really a new start for me.  Of course, the test will be seeing if I can make it out on my second run tomorrow, and to keep following through.  I'm not as sore as I thought I would be, so that's a good thing.  But, I'm getting almost desperate to lose this weight.  I don't think I'll ever make it down to 180 pounds or whatever it is a 6' tall guy is supposed to be at, but even getting down to 250 would be an amazing difference for me.  I'm tired of buying dress shirts with 19 1/2" necks (yes, I have sleep apnea too, surprise) and not fitting into any of my 42" waist pants.  It's time to get serious.  My company sells a weight loss system that really goes pretty extreme...500 calories a day or so for the initial phase, but I'm hoping I start seeing some results short of that.  I've gotta fit in that plane seat in three weeks.  It's a long way to Texas from Seattle.