Monday, June 29, 2009

So, you want an update, huh??

The foregoing are pictures of our new place, and the reason there hasn't been a new blog post until now. We've moved to Eagle Mountain, Utah, a city in far northwest Utah county, and this is our place, meaning we aren't renting this baby. This is ours, and we are thrilled. The pictures above come from our appraisal, so any furniture inside the place (and the car outside) aren't ours. We've done it up a lot nicer :).

I've also got a few recent pictures of the boys below. We found out about a month ago that they're getting a baby sister in October, so that will be different. Nice for Laura, though, in that she'll have some more estrogen in the family to counteract all the maleness that goes on around here.

Zach enjoying cake and ice cream on his second birthday in April.

Kyle at his preschool graduation in May.

Zach and Kyle making cookies on a Sunday afternoon with Daddy.

Kyle and Zach in the backyard "pool", June 2009.

Kyle showing off his first two lost teeth, lost within five minutes of each other, June 29, 2009.

Zach showing off his new dental work (four crowns and two root canals), June 29, 2009. You can't see the ear tubes he also had to get the day after the dental work. It was a miserable couple of days for him last week!

Best buds! June 29, 2009.

More posts soon, I promise!!