Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Quick Recap

Wow...a lot can happen when you don't write on your blog for a while! Seems like the last few weeks have been amazingly crazy, so I won't get in to many details on the following items:

A week after coming home from Australia, I went on a cruise with my company, Young Living, to the Southern Caribbean. I really wouldn't normally have been invited to go, but I was able to go as my dad's "date." My dad is an executive with Young Living, and was invited to go and take along his spouse, but since my mom is chronically ill, she declined, and I was able to go in her place. I'd never been on a cruise before, but it was a great experience. We flew to San Juan, PR, and spent the night there, then boarded the ship and then visited over the next few days St. Maarten (my second trip there), Dominica, Grenada, Barbados, and Tobago. Really fun adventure. Glad I was able to go, as well as to meet some of our company's top distributors. I'd definitely do it again if I had the chance, but would probably enjoy it a ton more if my wife were able to go with me!

Speaking of my wife, we found out a few days before the trip to Australia that she was pregnant with our third child. She was horribly sick while I was in Brisbane and during the cruise, so I don't think she would have had much fun, anyway, had she been able to go. I do wish I'd been able to be home to help out a little bit more, but she's mostly over the sickness for now, and seems to be doing much better. She's tentatively due at the end of September, and we'll get to find out what sex the baby is in about a month. Be sure to watch this space for details!!

I also had my tonsils out a couple of weeks ago. My sleep doctor, who's been treating me for apnea, decided my tonsils were much too big and had to go. So, I had them out (along with my adenoids) a few weeks ago. And, yes, it is as miserable as advertised. The drugs the doctor gave me for pain did keep the edge off, but I'm now experiencing some pretty bad withdrawal symptoms as I've been off the drugs for the last 48 hours. I'm glad I've never had a full-fledged addiction, as I can only imagine how horrible that kind of withdrawal would be! This is a pretty minor one, but it's really exacerbated my depression and made it next to impossible to sleep at night, as my whole body tenses up. Really miserable. But, I certainly don't want to take more of the drugs and ruin the two days of painkiller-free time I've accumulated. I'll just tough it out, and then go on to the next big thing. Not sure what that will be, but I'm sure it won't be nearly as severe.

The day before my tonsillectomy (which they call a "T&A" for "tonsils and adenoids"...[snicker]), we went house hunting. We've just kind of felt it's a good time to start looking, since interest rates are so low and since it's really a buyer's market for the most part right now. That night, we saw four or five houses, and knew the first one was it (well, Laura needed a little more time to be convinced). But we put down an offer the day after my surgery which was quickly countered and accepted by us, and now we just wait to hear if our application for a loan is approved. Our closing is scheduled for the 22nd, so the lenders need to get moving. It's kind of funny, since we don't really want to tell people in our church that we're imminently leaving, because we don't know if we are or not. But, if the loan gets approved, things will move really quickly. The house itself is in Eagle Mountain, a relatively new community in Utah NW of Utah Lake. It's a pretty tiny house, about 1700 square feet, but it'd be our first outright home that we've owned (we've been in apartments before where the home we are in now, which we are renting), so that's very exciting. We'll post developments here, of course, and maybe pictures, but it's a gorgeous little home that has a totally finished basement and fenced yard, so it'd be perfect for our little family. My parents were able to go through it with us a couple of days ago, and they loved it. I was so proud I was able to pick something out that my parents agreed with. I'm finally growing up!

Anyway, that's the last month or so in a nutshell. Aren't you glad you're not us (except for the cruise part)? I'll try to update a little more frequently. With the tonsillectomy, though, I certainly haven't felt up to it till now. Getting a little better every day, though. Thank heavens.