Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Failings in 2008

It's the last day of the year, I'm at work 'cause I don't have any vacation time I can spare with our somewhat-regular Disneyland extravaganza coming up in February, and it's slow, which has given me time to pause and reflect on my biggest failings of 2008. Not all of them are that bad, but as I sit and think about how we we took off a year from the Christmas cards (sorry, everyone!), there are other shortcomings that come to mind. Allow me a brief recap, if you would:

  • There was the time, not too long ago, when I came home from work one evening to find the house was covered in a disastrous smell. Now, bear in mind that we had just finished one of our two or three rounds of the intestinal flu this year, so I was a little hypersensitive to the fact. I walked into our bedroom, where my wife was, and said, "Jeez, did someone have a diaper blowout?" My sweet, kind, adorable, precious, ever-so-patient wife looked up lovingly at me and said, "No, that's dinner." What's even worse about my boorish behavior was the fact that I had specifically requested the said dinner that morning, which was nothing more than a sauerkraut and pork meal which had been cooking in the Crock-pot and which had lent its distinct aroma to the house. I am a great big buffoon.
  • Christmas day was going swell this year until I went outside the one time I wore sneakers instead of my boots, and went to clear the car of snow so we could go to my parents' for lunch. I, of course, lost my footing, and in classical-Casey style, fell backwards on my tush...after hitting the back of my head on the cement wall that for some reason sits in the driveway of our home to hold the carport up. After laying in the snow incapacitated for a few moments, I was able to vocalize a couple of not-so-choice words to express my contempt for myself, and then pick myself up, check for blood or brains on the snow, and then rue the massive headache I had given myself. Luckily, I think I walked away with only a concussion, but that has made me sick to my stomach, headachy, migrainy (I don't care if it isn't a word, it should be), and in a wonderful mood for the rest of the Christmas break, which made me a joy to be around for my wife, as I was basically incapacitated the whole weekend.
  • Which led up to our anniversary on Monday. Needless to say, this was not the greatest anniversary we have ever celebrated. Let's hear it for 7 years though, huh??
  • I am failing my children. After I made the blunder of all blunders earlier this year by allowing Kyle-the-four-year-old to play my new Guitar Hero game, he has become obsessed with the rock band lifestyle. So, what do we do? We get him a musical toy guitar and beginner drum pad set for Christmas. Oh, man. He even has a name for his new band, which will be formed (hopefully) after college and not high school: "The Best Band Ever."
  • I have also made Kyle an angry child. Earlier this year, a dental hygienist visited Kyle's preschool to give a presentation on good dental habits. When she got to the part where she recommended that each child brush their teeth for two minutes at a time, apparently Kyle went berserk. He was absolutely livid that someone would dare recommend that he brush his teeth for that long. His teacher said it was really bizarre, and we were certainly embarrassed. Kyle got red in the face and just yelled that he wouldn't do it. Now, I'm not really an angry person by nature, but I do have more than my share of moments where I find myself yelling at Kyle to knock something off. I have no problems brushing my teeth, though, so I'm not sure where all this dental hostility comes from. It reminded me of another classic Seinfeld episode, where Kramer and Jerry are arguing about dentists, and it's turning somewhat political and begins down the road of using some classically bigoted comments. "Next you'll be telling me," Kramer says to Jerry, "that dentists should have their own schools." "They do have their own schools!" Jerry says, exasperated. Kramer flies backward at the shock of Jerry's ignorance, and says, "Well, then you're just an anti-Dentite!" I think Kyle is an anti-Dentite. Luckily, Zach still enjoys brushing his teeth, so maybe our latent anti-Dentism hasn't rubbed off on him.
Well, that was depressing. Maybe I'd better stop there for now. Luckily, 2009 is shaping up to be a far more successful year for me, at least so far. Business trips to Australia, Japan, and Chicago are looming on the horizon for me, and there is the aforementioned trip to Disneyland, which I am not ashamed to admit I absolutely love. Yes, I am a grown man.

To all of you who should have gotten Christmas cards from us but didn't, please know it was nothing personal. We had a horrible bout of flu over Thanksgiving, which sapped our energy and will to live (albeit briefly). We are grateful for each of our friendships with you, and hope you were not offended. And, to all of you, my best and deepest wishes for a wonderful 2009!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Little Birthday Laura-worship

It's December 14th, and while that might mean that it's been over a month since my last blog post, it also means it's my dear wife's birthday today. This is the eighth birthday of hers that we've spent together, and I never get tired of being able to celebrate her, as she's really the most important thing that's ever happened to me. So, in honor of her birthday, it's a great opportunity for me to publicly declare my love for my sweet Laura!

For those of you who don't know how I came to meet Laura, we worked together while we were at college, and I met her at a time that was really a difficult one for me. There was just something about her smile, her innocence, and her incredibly sexy intellect that attracted me to her, and although she claimed she was always looking for me to do something that would justify her dumping me, we had a wonderful courtship and got married just about 16 months after we first met, and about seven months after we started dating.

One of the most awesome things about Laura is how smart she is. She wanted to pursue a Ph.D. before she met me, but she settled for a master's degree so I could go to law school and so we could start a family. She has never complained about not being able to continue her studies, and although I've made it a personal goal of mine to get her back in school when we're able to do so, she has really taken to being a wonderful mom and wife. She's always been supportive of my needs, and has really been sensitive to dealing with my depression and the other little quirks of my personality that really shine through when you're around me as much as she is.

Laura is incredibly beautiful, which is also a wonderful side benefit! She's an awesome mom to our children, and has exhibited a patience with them (and me) that is super-human. While the kids can drive me to my limits, Laura is able to smile almost all of the time, and she loves her little buddies who are with her all day long. She's the best thing in my life, and on her birthday, I just wanted to share my feelings about her. Here's to many, many more wonderful birthdays together!!