Friday, June 20, 2008

Moving right along...

So, this week has been absolutely crazy so far. It started out last week (so, I guess it's actually been a crazy two weeks, but let's not get technical) with Young Living's annual Grand Convention up at the Salt Palace. It's the fourth one I've been around for, but only the first one I've actually been asked to participate in, so last Tuesday morning we took a bus up to Salt Lake, and were confined to downtown until the end of the Convention Sunday morning. Not that that's all that bad (wow, three that's in a phrase, impressive!), but when you're only 30-odd miles from home and can't see your family those five days, it's a little hard to take. Happily, my homecoming (also Father's Day) was boys didn't stop smiling the whole day, and even my wife was happy to have me around (I jest...she really wasn't happy I was home...I mean, she was happy to have me home!).

But, after a one-day weekend, this work week has seemed nearly interminable. I've been responsible for trying to get an entity created for the company to participate in a big land transaction, and it was literally down to the minute trying to get everything in place to execute the transaction. That, coupled with a speeding ticket (my first ever, congratulations to me!), trying to have a Webelos den meeting for cub scouts, and everything else has left me pretty much exhausted. Oh, and I somehow managed to pull my back at the end of Convention, so I've been dealing with that fun all week, too. Sigh.

On the up side? A date with my wife tonight to go see the latest "Indiana Jones" movie. Finally. You see, you can't go see many movies with pipsqueak kids. The last one we saw in the theater was "Ratatouille." We're big Indiana Jones fans, too, so we're looking forward to this one tonight. Then, I'm collapsing. All weekend. After I mow the lawn, fix the sprinkler heads, kill the wasps, and repair Kyle's bike. Of course. In 95-degree heat.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pix from Hawaii

Here are (finally) some of the promised pictures of our trip to Hawaii. I do have some more pictures up on my Facebook page, if you can't get enough of these (I'm sure...)
On arrival to Hawaii...
Zach's first time on the beach
Happy family!
Two silly little boys